Gamme chocolat gianduja

Gianduja with Piedmont hazelnuts

Noisettes du Piemont en Italie

Gianduja with Piedmont hazlnuts

The hazelnuts of Piedmont are highly sought after for their unique aroma. Particularly intense in perfume, these hazelnuts from Italy, combined with the sweetness of milk chocolate, make the Gianduja an extremely delicious chocolate.


Tasting Gianduja

The Gianduja chocolate is for gourmet.

It exudes an intense scent of Piedmont hazelnuts, known for their intense aroma. On tasting it is an explosion of flavors: hazelnut subtly roasted, milk chocolate. On the palate, smoothness hints finely ground hazelnuts, in a subtle blend of textures.

The Gianduja milk and Piedmont hazelnuts is enjoyed alone, only for the pleasure or as an accompaniment to coffee or tea.

Le chocolat gourmand

Gourmet chocolate

The Gianduja with milk and hazelnuts from Piedmont can be enjoyed by pure gluttony or with a coffee or tea. It is a very melting chocolate, which can replace the praliné in your recipes, for a more pronounced hazelnut taste.

Gianduja comes in 4 formats

For every moment of the day, there is 'Un petit carré'.

Carrés de chocolat gianduja

Box of 20 carrés

Le petit carré to share

barre chocolat gianduja

10g bar

Le petit carré to eat alone

Mini tablette gianduja

30g bar

Le petit carré for chocolate addicts

Tablette chocolat gianduja

90g bar

Le carré to eat all day long